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Specialist Massage Therapy Services

Skilfully applied, massage is an effective way to influence and nourish the structures and functions of the body. Phillipa Reed is highly trained in various restorative bodywork therapies which enables her to tailor the Massage Therapy sessions to suit your individual needs.

This is where skilled hands and tailored techniques come together to restore balance to your body and mind. Call or text 021 956 691 today to schedule your appointment or email Phillipa now and experience the revitalising benefits of Massage Therapy and specialised restorative bodywork.

Phillipa’s Massage Therapy services include:

Personalised Massage Experiences

Regular Massage Therapy is a wonderful tool to enable you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Phillipa will tailor your massage to suit your specific needs using a combination of the above therapies and modalities, all depending on what your body needs.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful way to support, relax and nurture yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Guidance in breathing techniques is an integral part of Phillipa’s approach to Pregnancy Massage, helping the mother to be more relaxed and connected with herself and baby.

Studies have shown decreased anxiety and stress hormones during pregnancy and fewer obstetric and postnatal complications including lower prematurity rates following pregnancy massage.  (Field T, Hernandez-Reif M, Hart S, Theakston H 1999 pregnant women benefit from massage therapy.  Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology).     

Phillipa has had the privilege of caring for pregnant women and their families for over 30 years.  Having had extensive specialised training in many modalities of Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage, including with the internationally renowned UK Specialist Suzzane Yates.  By integrating western and eastern approaches to pregnancy care Phillipa can offer a more holistic approach enabling the session to be tailored to your individual requirements. 

Exclusively to You - On Location Mobile Massage Therapy

Enjoy the luxury of specialist Massage Therapy at your holiday location or home.

To book, call or text 021 956 691.


Phillipa works from a beautiful room in the Whangārei Wellbeing Clinic on 14 Davies Street, Kensington, Whangārei.

Phillipa has created an effective professional blend of client specific customised treatments which honour the complexity of the individual body. She is passionate about the art of holistic health and wellbeing and enjoys improving chronic and acute conditions by combining multiple therapies from around the world by embracing ancient healing traditions with the latest therapies and technology, enabling you to achieve maximum benefit from each session.

Massage Therapy creates ease of movement, the experience of enhanced relaxation, and it reduces stress and tension. It relaxes tired, sore or tight muscles, improves muscle tone and strength, encourages your natural healing ability, improves sleep, increases energy levels, and helps achieve and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

This is an individual assessment determined at the end of the first session.  Phillipa will advise if further treatments are required, or if a referral to an allied health practitioner maybe required at some point.

Massage Therapy is an effective treatment to relieve stress and anxiety, and many studies demonstrate its proven benefits. Massage has immediate and beneficial effects on anxiety and stress levels and taking time to care for yourself with regular Massage Therapy can make your daily life more balanced.

Phillipa offers a mobile Massage Therapy service in Northland and the Bay of Islands.  Delivering on location Mobile Massage Therapy exclusively to you, enabling you to enjoy the luxury of specialist Massage Therapy at your holiday location or home.

Many of us have so many responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is an important aspect of physical and emotional care. Taking time out to care for yourself with Massage Therapy can remind others that you and your needs are important, too.

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Gift vouchers for Massage Therapy are available. Treat someone special with a voucher for Phillipa Reed Massage Therapy.

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